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februar 6, 2020

Brewing Up a Storm

Denne artikel er originalt udgivet på Eversys’ website her

Fritz Storm; a global coffee expert and World Barista Champion who since 2002, has been consulting, training and educating coffee connoisseurs all over the world. In a recent interview with Eversys, Fritz sat down to share his thoughts on uneducated consumers, his reasons for choosing Eversys and his views on super-automatic coffee equipment.

Fritz immersed into his life’s true passion and successfully founded his own coffee consulting company in 2013; Coffee by Storm. The vision Fritz possesses is to improve the knowledge and quality of coffee around the world. His company provides consultancy and tailormade education programmes for coffee companies and staff within coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, chains and roasting facilities.

“The coffee industry is in many ways still very immature; the average consumer is very uneducated in terms of coffee. When you have these two situations together, it leaves a market that is fluctuating on a large scale. If people are left without explanations, the majority of people will just choose the coffee they are always used to drinking.”

Education plays a vital role in the business Fritz now conducts, which is why Eversys have been able to provide a solution with credible super automatic machines that have enabled Fritz to set the standard of what he is really trying to achieve in a consistent way.

“It is the first machine in this field that is able to produce a better coffee than most baristas around the world and in a consistent way! For Coffee by Storm here in Denmark we deliver coffee solutions for companies and bigger corporations. It is essential that we can produce a cup of coffee that sets new standards and can deliver something that I can be proud of.”

In our interview, Fritz discussed why he believes coffee equipment will become more automated, saying it is due to it becoming challenging to achieve consistent quality, combined with the years it takes to learn the craft of making good coffee, saying that “In the future, there will be higher expectations and demand for a higher quality espresso.”

The way to achieve that higher quality espresso has been found in turning to automation, a consistently growing solution. Kamal Bengougam, Eversys Commercial Director explained this in detail in one of his latest articles for the Global Coffee Report. After reading the article, Fritz shared with us that:

“I think Kamal is spot on in terms of where the market is and what it will become. When you look at the Eversys machine it is clever and logical to call it Super T. Because this is exactly what it is. The best of 2 worlds! It brews espresso like a barista it steams milk like a barista, however it is more consistent than a barista.”

The future of the coffee industry will not remain so much of a mystery when individuals like Fritz Storm and a company like Eversys align together. And if another thing is for certain, automation will be brewing up a storm for years to come.